Kim Kardashian – Blonde or Brunette?

by Sarkis Akle March 31, 2015 1 comment
Kim Kardashian – Blonde or Brunette?

The talk in the salon this week has been all about Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair. It still blows me away how this girl and family for this matter get so much attention for what? Totally uninspired by the whole Kardashian story!  That’s my opinion and obviously because they are so popular, it doesn’t count for much.

So the talk is all about her bleach blonde hair, Blonde vs Brunette? For someone who doesn’t think much of the girl I actually don’t mind her change to blonde. I think she pulls it off ok, the girls in the salon don’t like it, so there has been some good debate.

Kim latest look. What do you think? Anyone else getting a little Madonna Flashback?

Kim latest look. What do you think? Anyone else getting a little Madonna Flashback?

During the conversation we started talking about people’s expectations when it comes to colouring their hair. Especially when they are going to such extremes. If you are dark and are thinking of going blonde these are some of the things you need to consider.

    1. Please do not attempt to do this yourself at home. You are playing with fire. The colours and chemicals used to achieve this sort of result are very dangerous if used in the wrong way. They are not life threatening but you could end up with a serious chemical haircut and skin burns. Leave it to the professionals.
    2. If you are quite dark and want to be blonde the chances of getting the result you want are quite slim. Dark hair when lightened will throw a lot of warmth, and the darker you are the more warmth it will throw. With persistence and under the right supervision by a professional stylist over time we can get it close to your desired result.
    3. The darker you are the higher the maintenance. Taking Kim K as an example she would need to have her regrowth done every 3 to 4 weeks. This is time consuming and can be expensive. It’s ok for Kim, she more than likely has a hairdresser following her around everywhere. The lighter you are naturally, the less frequent you need to get your touch up done.
    4. Hair condition. You will compromise the condition of your hair if you decide to go this light. Again, if it is done professionally the damage done to your hair can be minimal. Using the right products in the salon and for maintenance at home is imperative.
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I have been brutally honest in my points above, but don’t let this turn you off. If you are considering the big make over and would like to go blonde, we have had some amazing results with our clients. I just think you need to be informed about the realities of this service.

Below are some examples of some awesome blonde makeovers. If you would like more info on going blonde and would like to have a chat to an expert, give us a call at one of our 2 locations to make a time.


Michelle Williams is one of my favourite blondes. Love how versatile she is with her hair.

Anne Hathaway naturally very dark but ware’s blonde well.

Anne Hathaway naturally very dark but ware’s blonde well.

You have to be quite light naturally to achieve a clean white blonde.

You have to be quite light naturally to achieve a clean white blonde.

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