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DOLAN WARREN AWARDS 2018 – Hair by Phd.

The team from Hair by Phd were thrilled to once again be invited to create beautiful hair for the winners and attendees of the Dolan Warren Awards. Sarah Merzi, Cassandra Kavalieros, Jessica Pierovic and Monique Kalefeh from Hair by Phd in  Parramatta were our representatives at the Schwarzkopf Pro hair styling suite, alongside the team from Kokum Hair Skin and Body from Newcastle.

As we head into celebrity awards season, having just sat through the drama that was the Met Gala, this is a great chance to take stock of what the top formal looks are going to be for the 2018 season. The Dolan Warren Awards are no different, albiet possibly a little more practical than the Met Gala.

“The ladies will show us what dress they are wearing and they’ll show the makeup artist and the artist will then decide what makeup they’re wearing and let us know if they’re wearing any dominant jewellery features,” said Cassandra Kavalieros to Style Icons about the process. “Then we see what they’re comfortable doing if they would like it up or down, or recommend what we think would look good on them, and then just go from there.”


“We’ve been doing a lot of curls and waves, in different forms,” she continued. “We’ve done a few softer  waves and some more textured waves at the moment. We’re doing up style, just very nice and soft in the front and pulled back into a low bun. We’ve done a textured pony tail as well with some soft waves in the back, which is one of our favourite looks from the day.”

We can take away from the event that soft waves and textured curls will continue to dominate the formal hair scene, with sleek ponytails being a popular second choice. More formal updo’s seem to be taking their time in the shade, although there will always be ladies who love this more formal style.

Whether it is for a wedding, formal occasion, prom or dance, Hair by Phd are experts in creating truly beautiful, wearable hair styles for formal occasions. We believe that it is about creating styles that move with you and will last through the night while still looking absolutely stunning and special for your big occasion. For formal or bridal style bookings, email the Hair by Phd Bridal team on and we can assist you in creating some truly stunning hair for your next formal occasion.


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You have all heard me talk about him. Damien Rayner has been working with team Hair by Phd for over seven years now, educating the team on all things hair colour. I am very proud to announce that Damien will now be joining Lemai and her team at Hair by Phd Camden.

This is not only exciting for us but for the Camden community to have a Hair Colourist of Damien’s elk working in the area. Voted in the top 15 Australian hair colourists by Harpers Bazaar, Damien is one of the nicest guys I have met in the industry, and a magician when it comes to Balayage. He has worked at some of Australia’s top salons, not to mention done stints in New York and London.


Damien moved into the Camden/Narellan area a few years ago with his partner for a lifestyle change and continued to commute to the city for work. Through our long-term relationship, it was a natural fit when it came to securing his services at our Camden salon. What does that mean for you? Well if you live in the area or surrounding suburbs, you do not have to trek into the city anymore to find a quality Hair Colourist. The best has come to town.

Damien is not only the Balayage king; his skills are just as superior in all aspects of hair colour. From Balayage, Ombre, colour makeovers, foil highlighting and more, Damien is the colour expert.

And best of all, we have an amazing offer for anyone who would love to have his or her hair coloured by Damien.

You will receive a complimentary in-salon consultation, so Damien can assess your hair and create a plan for your desired look. This also allows Damien to determine the time needed for your colour appointment.

You will also receive a complimentary bottle of Schwarzkopf BC Shampoo and Conditioner valued at $53.90, which can be upgraded to a Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioner if desired.

For more information on the times Damien will be available in our Camden salon, call now on 02 4622 1260 or email us on

Damien and Lemai look forward to seeing you in our salon located at Shop 2 Albert Baker Arcade 165-167 Argyle St, Camden.

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Red Carpet Hair 2017

Last week Louise, Samantha, Sarah and Lemai from our Parramatta salon were asked to style the hair for all the WAGS from the A-League for the FFA awards night. The girls did an amazing job on all the hair, as you will see in the images posted below. It got us talking about how much the red carpet hairdo’s and celebrities do have an effect on fashion.

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My 5 Favourite Curly Hair Looks
picture5 picture6

When I started hairdressing back in the mid 80’s all we did all day every day was perm hair. Big curly hair was all the rage. Into the mid 90’s and 2000’s all we did was iron the hell out of hair to get it as straight as possible. Ceramic irons, Japanese Permanent Straightening and then a little later Keratin straightening became very popular.

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Winter has hit with bang in the last few weeks. It has been a warm autumn and all of sudden the temp­­­­­erature has really dropped. How is your hair feeling? If you would like some tips on how to look after your hair in winter read the post My 5 Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair This Winter. In this post I will show you my 4 favourite winter hair trends for 2016

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Facial Hair On Your Man. Are You A Fan?
Image Source -

Image Source –

I was in London in 2011 doing a hair cutting course at the famous Vidal Sassoon Academy when out came a male model dressed in a 3 piece suit with his hair cut into a tailored short, back, and sides and sporting a pretty awesome beard. The hairdressers from the Academy proceeded to let us know that this is where men’s fashion is heading. I at that stage was never a real fan of beards, liking them to 70’s sport personalities and porn stars.

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Celebrity Hair Transformations 2015


On Sunday night I was celebrating my wife Briony’s birthday with all her family. My sister in-law Jane turned around to me and said how awesome her hair felt after having that new treatment in her hair last week. Jane had come in to have her highlights done the week before and I spoke to her about the Olaplex treatment. She likes to wear her hair quite light and can suffer from a little dryness and breakage.

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Kim Kardashian – Blonde or Brunette?

The talk in the salon this week has been all about Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair. It still blows me away how this girl and family for this matter get so much attention for what? Totally uninspired by the whole Kardashian story!  That’s my opinion and obviously because they are so popular, it doesn’t count for much.

So the talk is all about her bleach blonde hair, Blonde vs Brunette? For someone who doesn’t think much of the girl I actually don’t mind her change to blonde. I think she pulls it off ok, the girls in the salon don’t like it, so there has been some good debate.

Kim latest look. What do you think? Anyone else getting a little Madonna Flashback?

Kim latest look. What do you think? Anyone else getting a little Madonna Flashback?

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Who was your favourite? To be honest I found this year’s Oscars hairstyles a little underwhelming. The theme with the hair and fashion seemed to be simplicity. When doing simplicity it has to be done well to pull it off. A lot of styles just looked like they were done at home. I think this is pretty disappointing when this is supposed to be the Hollywood night of nights.

Anyway enough of the negative, there were some standouts. Here are my favourites.

Joanna Newsome


















A stunning curled bob. Very elegant and shows that you can dress shorter hair beautifully.

Sandra Bullock
This what I call Hollywood! She looks like a movie star. Inspiring, elegant and beautiful. Hair has been done to death but she looks great.

Gwenth Paltrow
Movie star. Gwenth looked amazing. Dress and hair very simple but very well done. A slightly different take on the ponytail with a wrap around done through the back.

Reece Witherspoon
Reece has created a lot discussion amongst the team. I think the dress looks stunning on her but the hair is very ordinary. Sarah our queen of styling at the salon thinks the hair is great. Your thoughts?

Rita Ora

Hot! This would have to be one of my favourites. Short, sleek and blonde. Who says short hair can’t look elegant? The dress is divine and a total look that I’m sure turned heads.

Emma Stone
Another one that has created heated debate in the salon. I think Emma looks divine and the hair goes beautifully with the gorgeous Eli Saab frock. Louise thinks her hair is average and poorly done. Don’t you love these debates?

Jennifer Lopez
Before I start on Jennifer I have to declare I am a huge fan of hers, so this might be a bit biased. For me, she stole the show and then some. The Eli Saab dress was complimented with a very simple but stunning pony. This look has got class, glamour and elegance written all over it and to me is what the Hollywood night of nights should be all about. We will look at this image in 10 or 20 years time and still say wow. Timeless.

I hope you enjoyed my Oscars 2015 wrap, and I would love to hear who your favourite was – leave a comment below. You can also see my Hottest Hair Trends for 2015, as well as my Oscars 2012 recap. You can also read How Celebrity Hairstyles Influence Trends.

Have you liked us on Facebook yet? To keep up with what’s going on at Hair by PHD, like us on Facebook and join us on Instagram, Google + and Pinterest. You will see lots of before and afters from our talented team.

Sarkis the Hairstylist

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Do blondes really have more fun?
My favourite blonde celebrity

My favourite blonde celebrity

I guess if you ask a blonde the answer will be yes. There are many variations of blonde hair, cool blondes, warm blondes, high lighted blondes and the list goes on. For many years blondes have represented different images in society, one of glamour comes to mind as well as the other end of the spectrum the dumb blonde is a reference quite commonly used when referring to blondes.

There are a lot of interesting facts about blond hair,

  • Only 2% of the world’s population are naturally blonde.
  • In ancient Greece blondes were associated with prostitution.

If you would like to read more about interesting blonde facts click on the link below, there some real eye opening facts about blondes.

40 Blonde Facts

Beautiful Marilyn

Beautiful Marilyn

Who is your favourite blonde celebrity? I think the most famous would have to be Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn signified a very playful blonde although there also was a bit of the dumb blonde present there. Someone else who I think wears blonde hair beautifully is Michelle Williams who ironically played Marilyn in a wonderful movie called My Week with Marilyn.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn.

All class! Grace Kelly

All class! Grace Kelly

Blonde’s who oozed class and glamour would have to be Grace Kelly and Princess Diana. These two ladies were idolised for there looks and their influence on style. Grace was a Hollywood movie star in every sense of the word who became a Princess. Diana changed the face of the royal family and really bought them back from the dark ages. She really made an impression on everyone.

A real influence was Princess Di

A real influence was Princess Di

Then you have the tarty blondes.  Pamela Anderson, Courtney Love and Brynne Eddelston are a few that come to mind. They don’t come to mind for any great reason and it is hard to see what makes them so popular. Far from inspiring?

Our own Cate Blanchett

Our own Cate Blanchett

Other’s that deserve a mention are Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlize Theron, Reece Witherspoon and our own Cate Blanchet. All these ladies wear blonde very well and have inspired a lot of hair styles in the past.

Charlize is another who is versatile with her hair styles

Charlize is another who is versatile with her hair styles

My favourite blonde is Michelle Williams. I love that she changes her style constantly and her versatility is never boring. She has the ability to wear different styles short and long with all different colours. I think you will agree that in this image below she really is the ultimate blonde bombshell.

A blonde bombshell

A blonde bombshell

Blake and Ryan

Blake and Ryan

Discussing our favourite blondes in the salon the girls seem to think that Blake Lively has the look at the moment. She did look quite stunning in the recent Cannes Film Festival, but I think the girls just like to have a perve at her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds when she is hanging off him.

Winter Blondes are all the go at Hair by Phd for the month of June. In conjunction with the recently relaunched Schwarzkopf Blonde Me range of colours and home hair care products, we have a great offer for any of you who would love to have a blonde service.

The great range of beautiful blonde tones like apricot, strawberry, lilac and many more give us the opportunity to really explore some great winter blonde tones as seen in the image below. Feel like a real lift this winter, talk to one of our stylists when you are next in the salon. Have any blonde service this June and here’s what on offer for you.

Blondme by Scwarzkopf Professional

Blondme by Scwarzkopf Professional

The Winter Blonde Me Offer. Available with any blonde service

Here’s what you get!

  • A Blonde Me pre service Keratin treatment. Valued at $25

This treatment is designed to strengthen your hair prior to having your blonde service to give you the ultimate luscious blonde hair.

  • Blonde Me Shampoo Valued at $29.95

There are 3 different Blonde Me shampoo’s, a cool toned shampoo, a caramel tone for warm blondes and the Blonde Me Keratin Restore Shampoo all designed to gently cleanse, smooth your hair  have and add tone and shine.

  • Blonde Me Keratin Restore Conditioner Valued at $29.95

The conditioner protects and deeply nourishes bleached and lightened hair

  • A choice of one of three home care treatments valued at $29.95
  1. Keratin Restore Treatment
  2. Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner
  3. Cool Ice Spray Conditioner

One of these amazing treatments will be recommended by your stylist to suit your blonde service.

  • Blonde Me post treatment Valued at $30.00

I used this treatment a long with the shampoo on my wife Briony’s hair the other day and the results were beautiful. The shine and condition of her hair was amazing. It also comes with a relaxing eye pillow while having a soothing head massage.

The package includes the two in-salon treatments and your choice of three home hair-care products to maintain your beautiful winter blonde hair.

The package is valued at $149.85 and for our Winter Blonde Offer is only $89 with any Blonde Colour service.

To book an appointment or for more information on our Winter Blondes Offer call us on 9635 4721, talk to your stylist when you visit the salon in June or email us on

Tell us who your favourite blonde celebrity is and why on our Facebook page and go into a draw to win a Hair by Phd Winter Blondme Pack, 3 Blondme products of your choice valued at $89.95. Click on the link below to enter.

Hair by Phd Facebook Page


Sarkis The Hairstylist

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