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When I started hairdressing back in the mid 80’s all we did all day every day was perm hair. Big curly hair was all the rage. Into the mid 90’s and 2000’s all we did was iron the hell out of hair to get it as straight as possible. Ceramic irons, Japanese Permanent Straightening and then a little later Keratin straightening became very popular.

Today I think people are moving more towards more texture and body in their hair and we are using straightening irons to wave and curl hair more often.


When I first started researching for this post, I thought I might struggle to find 5 curly hair looks that I could use. I actually could have very easily attached 20 images. I have always loved curly hair. To me curly hair is very feminine, sexy and cheeky. It almost always compliments the wearer more than if they were wearing straight hair, which I will demonstrate below with Sarah Jessica Parker. My other favourite celebs over the years with curly hair are Nancy Travis, Julia Roberts, Hale Berry, and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few.


I wrote a post a little while back on how to get the best out of Curly Hair, you can read that post by clicking here. Another method of maintaining curly which works well is called the CG Method. This was bought up on our VIP Facebook page by one of our members Lise. It is a shampoo free way to style your hair, which promotes a frizz free way to styling. You can find out more about it on Youtube.


The right cut and products as well as the styling method are very important to enhance naturally curly and wavy hair. If you have curly or wavy hair and would like to learn about how you can really make the most of your natural look, ask one of our stylists on your next visit to our Carlingford or Parramatta salons. Below are some of my favourite curly hair looks and as you will see you can do so much with curly hair.


This is a gorgeous curly hair look. A beautiful cut with highlights to really enhance the curl.



A sexy and funky short curly look. This haircut would look cool straight as well.



This speaks for itself. Hot!



Again cheeky and beautiful, with an awesome copper colour and as you can see with most of the looks above they are natural looking. I don’t like curls that are too sculptured.


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Sarah Jessica Parker with straight hair above. Although it looks great, I think with curly hair she looks a whole lot prettier. It flatters her face shape more, bringing out her cheekbones and eyes. Nature has a way of being beautiful without to much manipulation.


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Sarkis Akle

Director Hair by Phd