Who was your favourite? To be honest I found this year’s Oscars hairstyles a little underwhelming. The theme with the hair and fashion seemed to be simplicity. When doing simplicity it has to be done well to pull it off. A lot of styles just looked like they were done at home. I think this is pretty disappointing when this is supposed to be the Hollywood night of nights.

Anyway enough of the negative, there were some standouts. Here are my favourites.

Joanna Newsome


















A stunning curled bob. Very elegant and shows that you can dress shorter hair beautifully.

Sandra Bullock
This what I call Hollywood! She looks like a movie star. Inspiring, elegant and beautiful. Hair has been done to death but she looks great.

Gwenth Paltrow
Movie star. Gwenth looked amazing. Dress and hair very simple but very well done. A slightly different take on the ponytail with a wrap around done through the back.

Reece Witherspoon
Reece has created a lot discussion amongst the team. I think the dress looks stunning on her but the hair is very ordinary. Sarah our queen of styling at the salon thinks the hair is great. Your thoughts?

Rita Ora

Hot! This would have to be one of my favourites. Short, sleek and blonde. Who says short hair can’t look elegant? The dress is divine and a total look that I’m sure turned heads.

Emma Stone
Another one that has created heated debate in the salon. I think Emma looks divine and the hair goes beautifully with the gorgeous Eli Saab frock. Louise thinks her hair is average and poorly done. Don’t you love these debates?

Jennifer Lopez
Before I start on Jennifer I have to declare I am a huge fan of hers, so this might be a bit biased. For me, she stole the show and then some. The Eli Saab dress was complimented with a very simple but stunning pony. This look has got class, glamour and elegance written all over it and to me is what the Hollywood night of nights should be all about. We will look at this image in 10 or 20 years time and still say wow. Timeless.

I hope you enjoyed my Oscars 2015 wrap, and I would love to hear who your favourite was – leave a comment below. You can also see my Hottest Hair Trends for 2015, as well as my Oscars 2012 recap. You can also read How Celebrity Hairstyles Influence Trends.

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Sarkis the Hairstylist