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People are constantly having a whinge about Gen Y’s and in a lot of case their whinging is justified. But you know what, which generation didn’t have it’s own issues. I sometimes think that people don’t have anything better to do but to whinge. If they spent that energy on doing something productive they would be amazed what they could achieve.

Our team is predominately filled with Gen Y’s, and if you have had experiences with our team I am sure you would agree that it is mostly very positive. Which brings me to one of our team members, named Hope. Hope has been with us for about 18 months now as an apprentice, and recently she competed in the Worldskills Australia Regional Final. Worldskills is an international competition which showcases the talents of trade apprentices all around the world, in a range of areas including Hairdressing, Jewellery, Graphic Design, Automotive and more.

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This was Hope’s first ever competition and she finished a very credible 3rd in the Sydney Region. A great effort from Hope and it shows that if you do invest in your people they will prosper. We strongly believe that investing in our people has been a big part of the salons success over many years.

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Another person I’m really proud of is my fellow Director and sister Louise. Louise spent a lot of time training Hope and does so with all our team. As an apprentice, Louise made the National finals of Worldskills and last week she was awarded the ‘Pride of Workmanship’ Award from Rotary International. This is something to be very proud of. She was nominated by one of her clients who is involved with Rotary, and it is always a great honour to be recognised by your own community.

The thing I am most proud of is the difference we make to our clients lives. I always stress to our team that it is a great gift to have to be able to do this, make people look and feel good on a daily basis. We love this part of our job, it’s what makes hairdressing worthwhile.

If you know of anyone who would like to be a hairdresser and would like to be part of a great team, we are looking for an apprentice hairdresser to join our Carlingford team. You can contact Bec on 9872722 or email

You can also always ask us questions about hair, appointments and apprenticeships on social media via FacebookInstagramGoogle + and Pinterest.

Hairdressing is truly a great industry to get into! Proud of my team!


Sarkis the Hairstylist