Frustrated at never getting what you ask for from your stylist? There could be multiple reasons for this and I think the biggest one is communication. Other reasons could be lack of experience and training from the stylist.

Finding a hairdresser that you are comfortable with can be a bit of a struggle. From an industry point of view unfortunately there is less and less people coming in to the hairdressing industry and the training standards have dropped quite significantly. I sit on the board of Hair and Beauty Australia which is our industry association and it is the biggest issue that faces salon owners. On top of that there are a lot of salon owners who do not invest in ongoing training of their staff, which also lowers standards.

Getting back to communication with your stylist, it is a must that your stylist should open the doors of communication with you. A lot of stylists are guilty of talking too much about themselves and forget that you are paying them your hard earned cash for the attention to be on you not them.

When going into a new salon for the first time, I would imagine it is quite a daunting experience. You are about to meet this person for the first time and all of a sudden they are going to be putting their hands through your hair and if having a colour about to apply some pretty strong chemicals to your hair, and wielding  a pair of scissors at you. Pretty scary I say for someone you don’t know from a bar of soap.

Things to look for when meeting a stylist for the first time, are how interested they in you? Do they sit next you at eye level and discuss your past experiences with your hair? What you like and dislike about your hair? What products you use on your hair? This is the sort of information a good stylist should be asking when meeting you for the first time.

If you’re visiting your regular stylist they should be asking about how your last service was? Likes or dislikes, what can they do to improve on what they have done for you in the past. If you bought any products off them last time asking for feedback on how it was for you? Not just asking you are you having the usual?

A glamorous warm red hair colour.

A glamorous warm red hair colour.

Another great tip when dealing with a stylist is always use pictures to help explain what you are after. Your interpretation of the colour red might be totally different to your stylists. See images of the different types of red hair. There are many different shades of blonde and brown hair. My interpretation of short hair could be totally different to yours. Pictures don’t lie, they do tell 1000 stories and they help to make sure you and your stylist are on the same page. With the technology available to us today it makes it very easy to access pictures of different hairstyles. I often have clients emailing us a picture of a hairstyle they are interested in.

A great red hair colour, very different to the first image.

A great red hair colour, very different to the first image.

Be realistic about what you want to have done. You need to think about the texture, colour, and density of your hair before choosing a hairstyle. Again a good stylist who communicates well with you will give you the right advice when selecting a style. I strongly believe that good communication skills are just as important as technical (Hairdressing) skills.

At Hair by Phd we do invest in ongoing training of our team and this is not only in technical skills but also in developing great communication skills to build great relationships with our clients. We have a real desire to listen to our clients and give everyone of you an awesome experience every time you walk into our salon.

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Sarkis The Hairstylist.

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