GHD vs Cloud 9

GHD vs Cloud 9 Irons

This is the big question asked when our clients are wanting to purchase a styling iron. Many years ago when GHD came on the scene, they revolutionised the straightening iron. They introduced us to ceramic plates and we learnt to curl hair with the GHD. They are still known as GHD curls today, however the look can be achieved with other irons on the market.

As a stylist GHD was the go, above all else because of the result we were achieving for our clients. The hair was smooth and shiny and the irons just glided through the hair with ease, we as well as our clients were creating wearable and fashionable looks in the salon and at home.

Then GHD I believe got greedy. They used to be exclusively sold through salons and they hand picked and chose which salons they wanted to retail them, mainly targeting upmarket salons who used and promoted their irons. I am pleased to say Hair by Phd was one of those salons.

GHD was taken over by another company and they decided to go mass market. In order to do so they started manufacturing out of China instead of Korea. I don’t have a problem with that if the quality is still there. Guess what, it wasn’t. If you still have an older model GHD, and have tried the new model you will be able to tell the difference. All of a sudden we went from one returned iron in three years to multiple returns in a short space of time. The performance was just not the same anymore. You get what you pay for!

Cloud 9 the pick of the bunch.

Cloud 9 the pick of the bunch.

So in comes Cloud Nine, the rumour within the industry was that there was a new player in the styling iron market. Hairdressers were raving about this new iron that had just come out. It turns out that Cloud Nine are produced in the same factory in Korea where GHD used to be produced and with new technology and the introduction of temperature controls we were sold. Again it is about performance and being able to use and recommend only the best to our clients, not where the item is manufactured. In my professional opinion Cloud Nine are hands down the best styling iron on the market and that’s why we use them at Hair by Phd.

Not only do the styling irons come in three different sizes like the GHD they have amazing styling wands as well. The wands allow you to create amazing curls that look like a stylist has just done your hair.

How would you like to road test a Cloud Nine styling iron? In August Hair by Phd in conjunction with Cloud Nine are holding A Girls Night Out. Join us for a night where you will see the Cloud Nine Artist Director Teneile Robinson showing us her tricks of the trade as long as spending time with your favourite Hair by Phd Stylist, while sipping on sparkling wine. You will see all the Cloud Nine irons in action and you will be able to have a play. For all details and information on how to reserve a spot, click on the link below. We look forward to seeing you at our event.

A Girls Night Out at Hair by Phd

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Sarkis The Hairstylist

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