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Holidays are over and we are now well into February. Scary how time goes by so quickly. Three weeks ago I was in the USA skiing in sub zero temperatures, hard to imagine being in that cold now with the heat wave we have been having. Summer can really take its toll on our hair – let alone our children’s hair. We tend to make sure we are looking after our hair by using good products to maintain our luscious locks, but are we doing the same for our children?

Over the summer in the two salons we have come across lots of little ones on school holidays, and the general condition of their hair is not great. With all the swimming lessons in chlorinated pools as well as the sand, sea and sun, it takes its toll on their hair. Not to mention the heartache of getting knots out of their hair!


I have put together my 5 tips on how to get your child’s hair looking better as well as being able to manage it better as well. Here we go.




  1. Have a regular trim. When kids are swimming a lot and their hair is exposed to the elements, it is very important that it is being trimmed regularly. Children’s hair tends to be finer than adults and splits very easily. Having that regular trim strengthens the hair and it doesn’t get as knotty.
  2. Use a leave in moisturiser. When the hair is exposed to the harsh elements of summer, the moisture level diminishes. Using a quality moisturiser helps replenish the moisture levels in the hair making soft to touch and easier to manage.
  3. Give the hair a very good brush prior to washing. I can see your eyes cringing at the thought of putting a brush to unwashed hair and thinking of the pain your child might go through. It is very important to brush your child’s hair once a day. It stops knots building up but more importantly it is spreading the natural oils through the hair which works like a natural conditioner. The natural oils really help improve the condition of the hair for better feel and manageability. Tangle Teezer’s are amazing for this. Great to brush the hair when dry and to get knots out when wet. Check out some of the great reviews for these online, and you can get them in our salons too!
  4. Use a good quality treatment to condition the hair. I would recommend using a treatment to condition with once a week. If your child has coarse thick hair, I would even use it to condition all the time. The extra moisture hit really helps – especially in summer.
  5. Use quality products on your child’s hair. I know they are not cheap but it is worth it. Cheap products are okay but very high in detergents. Just like you do on your hair give your child the best and their hair will love you for it. And another quick tip only use hair elastic’s not rubber bands to tie their hair up. Rubber bands make the hair split.



We are offering all our customers a chance to get their hands on the perfect pack for caring for kids (and adults!) hair this Summer with our Hair by Phd Moisture Pack!

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Ask your stylist next time you are in the salon about the Moisture Pack for children which includes one of those amazing Tangle Teezers, and make keeping your kids hair shiny, clean and healthy in summer a breeze.

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