Celebrating our beautiful over 50's

Celebrating our beautiful over 50’s

Many years ago I was styling one of my clients hair, as I was blow-drying her hair I found that her hair just would not dry. She was sweating profusely and I started to panic, asking her if she felt ok, or if there was anything I could do for her. It wasn’t until she had left that I realised what was happening, she was having a hot flush. The poor thing was so embarrassed to say anything. And me, well I felt like a fool not picking up on what was going on.

I was at a conference recently in beautiful Queenstown NZ, where one of the speakers was talking about cultures and how to create great cultures that people want be part of. There was a conversation that came about on how in some cultures menopause is a celebrated event not something to be embarrassed about. It is like adolescence is a transition from child to adult, menopause is a transition from the responsibilities of child-bearing and family care to a state of independence and wisdom. Although some grandmothers might argue with the independence thing!

I am not proclaiming to be an expert on menopause or women over 50 but through my life experiences, I believe women over 50 should be celebrated. From seeing and hearing what my mum, mother in-law and my gorgeous over 50 clients have done in their lives to this point. They are generally the rock in most relationships bringing up families, juggling a career and trying to have a life of their own. We should take our hats of to these ladies and celebrate them.

In saying all this I think women over 50 are starting to come into their own. Some have great careers; some are post children and post husbands for that matter and are spreading their wings and flying. Not saying you should all leave your husbands and start a new life, but I think through the wisdom that life has bestowed on them and a new found independence being over 50 is being embraced. Ladies over 50 are a very valuable part of our culture, community and society and I believe are starting a culture of their own.

At Hair by Phd we care for a lot of over 50 clients’. We love looking after them and I know from a personal point of view I love spending time with them. They are interesting people with a lot of wisdom to share. We have the pleasure of constantly being able to spoil these lovely ladies and making them feel great about themselves as well as making them look and feel years younger. We have a comprehensive amount of services tailored for our over 50 clients. Everything from taking care of the unwanted grey hair with our colour treatments, making your hair more manageable through our Keratin Smoothing Treatments, Hair Rituals and Conditioning Treatments that care for your hair, along with soothing head massages that are just about relaxation and escape. Just to name a few!

Let’s celebrate these beautiful people and this Mother’s Day lets spoil the hell out of them. For those who are not mums they deserve to be spoilt as well. This Mother’s Day Hair by Phd will be dedicating the week leading up to Mother’s Day to all the very special Mums out there. Watch this space for all the details.

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Sarkis The Hairstylist.


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