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Does your stylist give you advise on how to care for your hair at home? Is it advice you would like to receive? If it is and your stylist is not giving this advice, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Your stylist should be a trained professional and not only should he or she be looking after your hair needs in the salon but also should help you with maintaining your style at home.

A really good stylist will share tips and tricks for styling your hair at home. Show you the products you need to recreate and care for your hair after you have left the salon. If you are paying good money to have your hair done by a professional then you should be getting this advice.

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The team working to perfect a wedding hairstyle requested by a client




At Hair by Phd we pride ourselves on caring for our clients. By caring I mean sharing. If any of our team have a new style technique, a product that is going to be amazing for your hair and even just showing you how to use a hairdryer or straightening iron we will share this with you.

We also believe that our service doesn’t finish when you walk out the door. This is why it is very important to be given the correct advice on how to maintain your hair at home. We want your hair looking and feeling fantastic until the next time you are due for a visit.

All our team are highly trained professionals and at Hair by Phd we continue to invest in the training of our staff. We also use nothing but the best products in the salon. We do not skimp and use cheap colours and cheap bulk shampoos and conditioners. This is all to create the best possible experience for our clients when they visit us.

Do you have a friend who you would like to recommend to Hair by Phd? Send them to, there are some great packages and offers for first time clients. Also tell them to mention your name when they come in and we will send you a gift as well.

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Hair by Phd is always at your service!

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Vikki Scanlon March 25, 2015 - 12:51 pm

Hi Sarkis – hope all is well with you and your family, the boys must be all grown up by now:) I know I have not been able to attend an appointment at the best salon I know due to living in Tamworth and not going your way very often anymore, but I do value your advise. I am still fighting the ‘natural blondes’ by going blonde, but I find my hair very dry and lacking luster – what Kerastase products would you recommend and am I still able to pay for them online and get you to send them to me.

Also, I really enjoy reading your newsletters.

Kindest Regards
Vikki Scanlon

Sarkis Akle April 8, 2015 - 2:28 pm

Hey Vikki,

Did you get my email?



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