Spring is generally a time when we will consider many changes. A reminder that summer is coming, we start to think about heading back to the gym, re-evaluating our wardrobe or maybe even a hair colour change. Changing your hair colour can be simple but it also can be very complex.

Changing your hair colour dramatically is not something I would recommend doing yourself at home, and in most cases it’s not just a matter of whacking on a colour and it’s done. As shown  below it can take months to do a makeover very well.

A lot of people try to do DIY makeovers at home and usually with disastrous results. Your hair can only take so much when using chemicals on it and this is best left to the pro’s – done properly the results can be amazing.

Our client Andrea came to us in April wanting to go lighter, and last week this was the result. I’m sure you will agree she looks amazing. Depending on the time you have and your budget, you might have to be a little patient to get the result you will love.

With a very special product called Olaplex, a makeover or dramatic colour change can now be achieved a lot faster. We love doing makeovers in the salon but one of our main priorities is maintaining the condition and integrity of the hair. There’s NO point in having an amazing change and spending lots of money on it if your hair ends up feeling terrible and lacking shine because it wasn’t treated well.


Olaplex gives us the ability to do things to hair we never dreamed about in the past. Olaplex allows us to create makeovers a lot faster and maintain beautiful healthy hair.


Thinking about a makeover like the one above or would like to have a chat to one of our stylists about what is possible with your hair? Then come in to one of our salons in Parramatta, Carlingford or Camden. We will sit down with you and give you lots of options as well as creating a treatment plan for your hair to get you your desired result – hair you will love!


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