Things you should know about Keratin Hair Treatments.

The latest craze in hair. For the last few years now we have seen it all over the media both positive and negative publicity. Clients love it, the results are fantastic, however there have been questions asked about the safety of this product. The majority of Keratin products were found to have higher than safe levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is what made these products work so well, but high exposure to it can be carcinogenic. The real danger was not with the client but with the hairstylist who was constantly breathing in the fumes  while doing the treatment on clients. As soon as I found out that there was a danger involved I removed it from the salon immediately. Unfortunately there a many salons out there that continued to use it knowing that it was unsafe. The treatment was that popular that there were dollars to be made and some operators couldn’t help themselves. One thing I will not risk is the health of my staff, clients, and let alone my own health for a few dollars. It is scary what people will do for money. If while you are having the service feel like it is irritating your eyes, throat or making you feel nauseous then there is a good possibility the product is not safe. Be aware of the cheap operators and the home Keratin treatments. This is not a treatment I would recommend you do at home.

After trying and testing a few different products, we have finally found one that works amazingly well and is totally safe to use. The product is called “The Best” by GK Hair. We have had amazing results with this Keratin Treatment. We have been given the safety data sheets from GK Hair to reassure us that the product has been tested and conforms with Australian Safety Standards.

Now the positives of “The Best” Keratin Treatment. With previous treatments after having the service done you would have to wear your hair straight for 3 days, not being able to tie it up, wash it or disturb it in any way. Very frustrating for a lot of people. With ‘The Best’ once your treatment is complete you can do want you want with it, wash it, tie it up, pin it up or whatever you would normally do with your hair. The condition it leaves your hair in is amazing, your hair becomes easy to manage, blow dry time is decreased dramatically, and the shine is amazing. Keratin treatments will not make your hair dead straight so you can still wear it curly or wavy. You do not get a regrowth like a permanent straightening; it slowly goes back to its natural state without damaging the hair at all. It makes your hair resistant to humidity, so no more frizzy hair on humid days. This is the one positive most of our clients who have had the service rave about the most.

We now have clients having it done for the second time and the results are even better with every treatment. The treatment lasts approximately 12 weeks the first time you have it done and 15 weeks every time after that. Click on the link below to check out the Hair by Phd Keratin Package.

If you are interested in having it done or would just like to talk to one of our stylists about the treatment, give us a call on 96354721 or email us on and we will arrange a time that suits you to come in and have a complimentary consultation on how this great treatment can benefit you.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with Keratin Treatments? If you want tell us your story or want any advice on Keratin Treatments, leave a comment and I will reply.

Sarkis the Hairstylist.

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