Mother’s Day is nearly upon us and it feels like a minute ago I wrote about Champion mums of today last Mother’s Day and Briony my wife winning the U19’s National Championships with her NSW netball team. What I didn’t mention is at the time she was pregnant with our fourth son. The little fella is now 5 months old sitting on my lap trying to grab my keyboard while I’m typing. Wow how life can change in twelve months.






At the time we found out she was pregnant (this was totally unexpected by the way, see what too much red wine can do) Briony’s coaching career was on the rise and let’s say at first she wasn’t happy about the pregnancy. I worked this out when she threw the pregnancy test at me still wringing wet with you know what.


Once she got over that we were both very happy about the pregnancy and we refer to Xavier now as our surprise blessing. It was a very emotional time, because as we were finding out about having another child; my sister Anne Marie and her husband had just lost a child at six months pregnant. To say we where going through major mixed emotions is an understatement. Trying to comprehend what my sister and brother in-law were going through having to give birth to their child, little Jack. Life can really throw some curve balls at you.

Two weeks before little Xavier was born Briony had been advised that the position of Head Coach of Netball at the NSW Institute of Sport was being advertised. One month after Xavier was born Briony was appointed to that position. She had been coaching for ten years at a high level and her results last year really set her up for a role like this. The whole family is extremely proud of Briony, and it’s a pretty big family now.


So yes it has been a crazy twelve months for my family and to what Briony has achieved, what my sister has been going through and our mums for their love and support of all that has happened, just goes to show what special people mums are. Not to mention Briony giving birth to a 4.26kg (9.6lbs) baby with out any drugs (not by choice), I think I’m very happy being a male.

Mother’s Day is a special day for lots of us, to celebrate what is great about our mums and just to say thank you. This year is no different at Hair by Phd when it comes to Mother’s Day. The week leading up Mother’s Day, we will spoil all who visit our salon with bubbles and a complementary hand massage and or a manicure to celebrate our mums. So get in early to make a time at both our Parramatta and Carlingford salons.


Also if you would like to give the gift of beautiful hair to your mum or you would just like to spoil yourself you can get up to $100 worth of FREE hair services when you purchase one of our Hair by Phd Mother’s Day gift vouchers.

Click here to go to our website and find out all the details. Be quick there are only 37 vouchers available in each salon.

On another note I will be taking a bit of a break as I am having surgery on my shoulder next week. I’ll be off work for about 4 months. You won’t hear from me via the blog for about 3 or 4 weeks but I will be back. This will be the longest break I have had from hairdressing in 30 years, so it will be strange. Louise, Bec and Samantha are holding the fort and I know you will all be in good hands. I’ll see you at the salons, as staying away won’t really be an option, I’ll miss you all too much.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mums out there.

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