Can't imagine George any other colour

Can’t imagine George any other colour

This is a question I get asked a lot by my older clients mainly. Going grey more often than not is genetic, so you can blame your mum and dad for that one. The other question I get asked a lot from clients who have been colouring their grey hair for many years is will it suit me if I go white?

In this post I will cover the dos and don’ts of colouring your grey hair as well as the pro and cons of growing your colour out and going grey.

If you have been colouring your hair for many years and have been thinking about making the transition to going grey, here are some options for you to consider.

  • Try having some high-lights put into your hair to lighten it up more than you would normally have it. If you do grow your colour out it is more than likely going to be a lot lighter than what you are currently used to.
  • Moving into high-lights rather than a solid colour I feel is the best way to grow your colour out, as it reduces the strong regrowth and band mark that a solid colour would leave. It also lightens your hair which makes the transition more subtle.
  • Gradually lighten your base colour half a shade at a time so you are creating a lighter look again with less regrowth as the colour becomes less contrasting.

By using any of these methods you are going to start to get a feel for how you will look with lighter hair. I have many clients that have tried these methods and I must say that most of them have never looked back and have enjoyed going grey. On the other hand I have had clients who have gone back to colouring their hair as they felt it made them look too old and have found that some people treat them differently because they are grey.

It is all personal preference, and really depends how bothered you are about it. There are lots of people out there who look fantastic with white hair and they really embrace it and wear it well. Some people it just plainly ages them.

A haircut I get asked for all the time. Stunning!

A haircut I get asked for all the time. Stunning!

There are so many options these days in terms of colouring grey hair. Some of the things you should remember when colouring your greys are.

  • Have it professionally done. I know the upkeep can be a burden financially and time consuming, but there is nothing worse I believe than wearing badly coloured hair.
  • Do not colour your hair too dark. As we get older the darker the hair colour is the less natural the colour looks. It becomes very harsh on your skin tone. Also the darker you go the faster you will see your white hair as the contrast becomes extreme. Some people think the darker they go the more it will cover, but it looks so unnatural.
  • Try a blending colour, as it doesn’t cover the hair 100% it is a great option to take the edge off the white hair and looking very natural without a strong regrowth.
Wear's it well

Wear’s it well

A lot of people can go grey very young, and this can be of concern to them. It can affect their confidence when looking for work and just dealing with people in general. If it gets this bad then colouring is the only option. Again it is all personal preference.

If you are thinking of growing your colour out and going natural or you would like a solution to the colouring of your grey hair, at Hair by Phd Parramatta all our team are trained colour consultants. We have a range of options to meet all your needs. Feel free to come in for a chat with one of our stylists about your hair. Have a look at our website for our new client Colour Packages as well as a $25 voucher for your first visit to our salon.

In the images below is one example where I think that grey hair definitely ages Nicole Kidman. What do you think?

Nicole with her hair coloured no grey.

Nicole with her hair coloured no grey.


I think grey hair ages Nicole.

I think grey hair ages Nicole.










If you would like any advice or have you had any grey hair colour disasters? Leave a comment below and I will get bask to you ASAP. Liked this post share it with your friends or family and follow my blog posts by clicking on the follow button.


Sarkis the Hair Stylist.

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