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Are Hair Extensions for me?
These extensions are done well.

These extensions are done well.

Hair extensions if done well can look amazing. If done badly well that’s another story. Once upon a time getting hair extensions was a serious luxury and a very expensive exercise. You would have to go into the city to a salon that generally did hair extensions exclusively. Like most other things, times have changed and hair extensions are now done at every other hair salon. But are they done well? I get a stack of spam emails every week from India and China wanting to sell me cheap extensions. At Hair by Phd the extensions we use are 100% human hair and are the best quality on the market as we want our clients to have the best.

Hair extensions are fantastic for lots of reasons. They allow you to have longer, thicker, fuller hair instantly. For a lot of people with fine hair, growing their hair is a real struggle. It takes forever to grow and when it is long it can look limp and lifeless. This is where hair extensions give us lots of options. They can be used for length, thickness, adding colour and texture to the hair. They can also used partially to add thickness and texture to certain areas of a hairstyle.

A good example of Clip-ins

A good example of Clip-ins

With the invention of tape and clip-in extensions, hair extensions have become affordable and accessible to almost everyone.  The beauty of this method it only takes about an hour to apply to your hair. When we do the keratin bonded extensions, these can take up to six hours to do a full head.

Hair extensions should only be done by trained professionals. The only exception to this rule I believe are clip-in extensions. If shown the right way to put them in clip-ins can look like the real thing. You should have them shaped by a professional so they blend in well with your natural hair. Below are some examples of how bad extensions can look.

Not very good?

Not very good?


Another example of bad extensions

Another example of bad extensions

Are extensions bad for my hair? This is a question that gets asked a lot. If they are applied correctly and maintained in the right way, you will have no problems. Maintaining them is the key and it is very easy to do. As long as you give your hair a good regular brush through and use good quality products to care for your hair you shouldn’t run into any issues. Lack of care and you can run into some problems. A well trained professional should share all the maintenance tips with you.

Victoria has had extensions applied to the front of her hair for texture and length.

Victoria has had extensions applied to the front of her hair for texture and length.

I have included in this post a before and after of a client who had tape extensions done at Hair by Phd, so you can see what hair extensions should look and what they can do for your hair.

'Before' Tape Extensions at Hair by Phd

‘Before’ Tape Extensions at Hair by Phd

Ext after


So have I answered the question for you? If you would like to know more about hair extensions, book in now with one of our trained professionals for a free consultation. Click on the link below to see the Hair by Phd hair extension package and all booking information.

Hair by Phd Hair Extensions Package

If you have had any good experiences with hair extensions or shockers, feel free to share them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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