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A Mother’s Love is one that does not stop giving

My mum once told me that you don’t start growing old until you lose your mum. I am very blessed to still have my mum and could never imagine life without her.  I saw an interview with Kelly Rowland on 60 Minutes on the weekend, she spoke about losing her mum recently and the devastating effect it had on her. A bond between mother and child is definitely like no other.

May 3, 2017 0 comment
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Champion Mums of Today

This time last year approaching Mother’s Day I wrote about our wonderful mums over 50 and the wonderful influence they have over us. You can read that post again, just click here.


I would love to share with you the story of one of the most amazing mums in my life. That’s my wife Briony. Briony is definitely a new age mum. When I first met her she had just made the squad for the Sydney Swifts Netball team, now known as the NSW Swifts. She was an amazing netballer and very committed and passionate about the sport. She had a very successful career with the Swifts winning two National titles in the five years she played with them.

April 25, 2015 1 comment
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