I was going to do a post on the hair at the Oscars but the hair, like last year, was so un-inspirational I thought I would give it a miss. The majority of the celebrities looked like they were just going out to dinner on a Saturday night with friends. For such a massive Hollywood function the hair generally was very disappointing.

Instead I would like to do a post on the hottest hair product on the market at the moment, this would have to be Olaplex. I did a couple of posts on this product last year (which you can read here and here), and just had to do another one to share with you what an awesome product this is.

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Those of you who follow our social media would regularly see some of the makeovers we have done using Olaplex. We are now able to really stretch the boundaries with hair colouring and do things to hair we have never been able to do. You can also see one of the highest followed celebrity hairdressers, Guy Tang, using and endorsing Olaplex on Instagram.

As a hairstylist for over 30 years now, it blows my mind that we are able to take hair colours from such extremes like brunette to blonde or strip out old fashion colours, which used to be almost impossible to remove in one go and still have the hair feeling better than what it did when our client walked in.

olaplex-1 olaplex-2 olaplex-3

In my last post about DIY Hairdressing I used a good example of this when we took our client from blue to blonde and improved the condition of her hair.


Olaplex is not only for use with colour. You can have a stand-alone treatment as well. If your hair is feeling dry, brittle and damaged it is an ideal treatment for you.

Olaplex is available at both our Carlingford and Parramatta salons.  Our team are really pumped about this great product. With the amount of treatments we have done now we can claim to be the Olaplex Sydney experts. For those who have not been to our Carlingford salon yet, it is ideally located on the border of West Pennant Hills and Carlingford. We have clients visit us from both those suburbs as well as North Rocks, Castle Hill, Cherrybrook and Telopea.

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Go to our Makeover album on our Facebook page to see how we have used Olaplex on our clients. There are also lots on great images on our Instagram and Pinterest.

Next week the question I’ll be asking, “ Is Balayage still the look of today?”

If you would like to make an appointment at either one of our salons, click here to go to our online booking request page.


Sarkis the Hairstylist