It’s been an amazing year at Hair by Phd. We have achieved so much between the two salons and it’s great to be able to give to our team members and see them grow and develop so much.

Next year is shaping up to be a very big year as well. Hair by Phd number 3 is on the drawing board for February. The location will be announced soon. Also the Hair by Phd Opulence Membership will be launched in February, details for this amazing membership are coming shortly. So much to look forward to in 2017.

We launched our Bridal page on our website in November, so if you are thinking of getting married soon, or know someone who is, check out all the details by clicking here.

Giving at Christmas is very special. Being a father of four boys under 11, Christmas is a wonderful time for our family. This year Briony and I will be taking our family to Disney World in Orlando just after Christmas. Having been there myself as an adult, I am really looking forward to taking my boys there and seeing it from their eyes. Should be very special.

Looking forward to Christmas with these four boys.

At Hair by Phd we are giving our clients an amazing gift of beautiful hair with our Christmas Gift Voucher offer. Every year these go like hot cakes and there are not many more available. If you would like to spoil someone special or just give yourself a treat grab one now. The details of how it works are below.

The free vouchers can be used on any full priced hair service at Hair by Phd and is valid until 28/02/17. Not available to use with any other offer. You can purchase as many gift vouchers as you like, however only one free voucher can be used per person.

Be quick there are not many vouchers left. Call Parramatta on 9635 4721 and Carlingford on 98727 222.

Speaking of giving, this week I visited the headquarters of Sustainable Salons Australia. What I saw was amazing. As most of you would be aware we started the SSA program in the salons a few months ago. We have gone from recycling nearly nothing to 95% of our waste. I am very proud of this achievement and when I saw what SSA is doing with the waste I felt even better.

Pictured below are three images. Each one of those aluminium pallets feed 200 homeless people through Oz Harvest.

The image with the brown hessian bags is hair. This is used to make hair booms, which soak up oil in an oil spill. Hair is also used in fertiliser for gardens because of all the proteins and minerals found in hair.


The last image is all plastic bags. Paul from SSA assures me that plastic bags can definitely be recycled. Plastic can be recycled over and over without any problems. It never decomposes. (Also in this image are manikin heads us hairdressers practice on. Paul from SSA has an Italian background but he is not part of the mafia).


So when you come to a Hair by Phd salon you really are making a difference.

The gift of giving is a very special thing.

I hope we have given all our clients an amazing experience every time you have visited our salons and we are looking forward to continue to do so in 2017.

I think I have shared this video before but I would like to do it again as it is my favourite Christmas video. Being able to make a difference to other people through giving is what I think Christmas is all about.

On behalf of team Hair by Phd, have a great Christmas with all who are special in your life and may 2017 bring you all health and happiness.


Sarkis Akle

Director Hair by Phd