I am going to use the word cure here very cautiously here. If there was a cure for hair loss, believe me we would all know about it.

There are a lot of scams out there when it comes to selling hair loss cures. I get asked a lot about thinning hair especially from male clients and the scammers out there prey on peoples vanity.

scalp showing hair loss

When doing some research for this topic I came across a very good article written by Choice. Everything I was going to explain is in this article so I will share it with you. Choice is a very reputable source of information and generally give us consumers very good info.

At Hair by Phd we have some great products that help the prevention of hair loss and can help dormant hair follicles grow again. These products by Kerastase are scientifically proven. One thing they won’t do is make hair follicles that have disappeared reappear again. Like I said earlier if someone was able to reproduce hair follicles we would have all heard about it.

You can read the Choice article here and if you know of someone who has been contemplating any of the treatments suggested in this article please send it to them.

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Sarkis The Hairstylist