How Celebrities influence Hair and Fashion.

Since starting hairdressing in the mid 80’s I have seen a lot of fashions come and go and come back again. Celebrities seem to have a massive influence on how we wear our hair, clothes and accessories. As an example at the moment anything that Pippa Middleton wears just seems to walk off the shelf. That’s why every top designer just throws fashion at her because if she is seen in one of their frocks they will sell boat loads of it. Hair styles are much the same, the majority of requests we get from clients are mainly celebrity hairstyles. Read on to see my current favourite celebrity hairstyle and my all time favourite, also my take on whom I think has influenced hair fashions since the 80’s.

George Michael was the man of the 80’s when it came to fashion. He and his WHAM partner Andrew Ridgeley (pictured) changed fashion in the 80’s, everyone was wearing Go-Go and Choose Life shirts and all the accessories to match. All the boys including myself wanted the George Michael hairdo. The other big influence of the 80’s was Madonna, there was a Madonna look a like everywhere you looked, and she was the queen of big hair. It is amazing that she is still wowing people today, you just have to look at her performance at the Superbowl 2012 yesterday, in her fifties and she’s still got it. Great talents never die they just continue to be timeless.

The 90’s was huge with Friends star Jennifer Aniston being the major influence in hair. Stripe high-lights was the colour of the day and the haircut (pictured) everyone had to have. The scary thing about this trend is that I still see people wearing the stripes in their hair today. I seriously think some people don’t own mirrors. Scary! Jennifer has continued to be a real influence with her hairstyles from classy long bobs to her beautifully high-lighted long locks. Towards the middle to end of the 90’s the talk of all clients was Meg Ryan’s hair, as seen in one of my favourite Meg Ryan movies French Kiss. The hair style was a short textured number that was very feminine and very very sexy. I was a big fan!

Hard to go past David and Victoria Beckham for the 00’s. These two are serious players in the hair fashion stakes. David reinvented the mo-hawk and peaked haircut while the Posh bob was a smash. I don’t think I can remember a hairstyle so popular with clients. Being such a classic style it meant that it would suit the majority of people. Doing some research on Google images I remembered how many versions of the posh bob there are. It would be worth your while having a look on Google to see how many fantastic versions of this style she wore. While you are doing that if you come across a photo of Posh smiling please post it I would love to see one of those.

Now the 10’s. I would have to say that at the moment Danni Minogue would have to be my choice. There are so many celebs out there with great hair, (not hard when you have you own personal stylist at call) but I think Danni is a class act. Her hair is very sheik, smart and sexy, never boring and extremely versatile with her looks.  Her hair colour is always very well done and always enhances the haircut. She has matured beautifully even with a little ‘panel beating’ and I think in the looks department she runs rings around Kylie. What do you think? Who’s your favourite celeb hairdo?

Do yourself a favour and Google Linda Evangelista. From the 80’s to today this lady has the most amazing look, eyes that pierce through you and the ability to wear any look. The hair, makeup and fashion along with some amazing photography are breathtaking. What also makes her great is as a super model she experimented with all types of styles from boy short to long hair. Not many super models have the balls to do so. Just type her name into Google images and be spell bound. She is my all time favourite.

If this inspires you to change your look, pop in to Hair by Phd and talk to one of our stylists to see how we can make celebrity hair work for you. The iPad is ready to go to help you choose a style.

Ok now you tell me which celebrity you think has the best hair. Look forward to your comments.

Sarkis- The Hairstylist.

*All images courtesy of Google.

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