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A beautiful soft peachy pink, possible thanks to Olaplex.

As I mentioned in my August post What is Olaplex? Every now and then a product comes on the market that has a massive impact on the Hair industry. When this happens everyone wants to get on the bandwagon and get a piece of the action.

This is where imitations come into the game. Now I’m not saying that any of these imitations are no good, they can actually be just as good if not better. There are however the ones that say their product can do what the original can do but doesn’t live up to that promise.

I have not yet used or tested any of the imitations so I really can’t say what they are like. All I am saying is be aware. There are a lot of cheap skates in the hair industry, and they will do anything for a quick buck. We saw it happen when GHD irons first came out and Keratin Smoothing treatments as well.


A beautiful purple colour melt

There are quite a few imitation Olaplex products all ending in ‘plex’, but as far as Hair by Phd is concerned we are only after the best for our clients. Olaplex has been around long enough now for us to safely say it is the best treatment of it’s kind on the market.

If you would like to know more about Olaplex check out my post I wrote in August called What is Olaplex? It also comes with a fact sheet and some great tips.

We are really getting some amazing results with the Olaplex treatment. The team love the product and the results they are achieving with colour, while maintaining the integrity of the hair is awesome.


Check out this beautiful ashy blonde… just lovely.

We also now offer an Olaplex stand-alone treatment, where if your hair is really damaged we can do the stand-alone treatment on your hair with amazing results. The stand-alone treatment and the treatment done with your colour service is $99.00, and this includes a take home No3 Treatment for you to maintain your hair after you leave the salon!

At Hair by Phd we only want the best products for our clients. My guarantee to you is we will never use any cheap imitation products on your hair. At Hair by Phd we are always at your service.

If you have any questions about Olaplex or any other service we offer, have a chat to your stylist next time you are in or contact us via our website
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Sarkis the Hairstylist