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Dyson Hair Dryer vs Parlux 3200

It took many years of convincing by my wife to buy a Dyson Vacuum cleaner and was it worth it? Not really. Yes they look impressive they work just as well as any other cleaner but generally they are double the price. Value for money? I think not. Good marketing? Yes.

Will she convince me to spend $699 on the Dyson Hairdryer? Well now we are in my territory and I have this little comparison to put forward my case.

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Winter has hit with bang in the last few weeks. It has been a warm autumn and all of sudden the temp­­­­­erature has really dropped. How is your hair feeling? If you would like some tips on how to look after your hair in winter read the post My 5 Tips On Fabulous Looking Hair This Winter. In this post I will show you my 4 favourite winter hair trends for 2016

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Hair Expo 2016

Hair Expo was held in Melbourne this year for the first time. What a weekend we had. Melbourne is a great town always so much to do down there. The city just seems to be so well planned with all it’s great entertainment venues.

Louise, Bec and myself went down for most of the weekend and as a hairdresser it is a great environment to be in to get the creative juices flowing. The girls did some seminars and got see and meet the celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang. Bec even waited in line to get a selfie with him. Selfie attached.


For those who are not aware I am currently the Vice-President of Hair and Beauty Australia also known as HABA. HABA is an industry association and we had a stand at Hair Expo. I spent two days on the stand chatting to other salon owners. Like other trades salon owners are struggling to find good people to employ. Apprentices are rare as hen’s teeth these days and it is sad to see so many former salon owners closing their doors and just operating from a home salon.


This works well for the individual, but is very bad for the industry as in the not too distant future the trade will collapse. So please support salon owners who do support the industry, as we need more young people being taught these skills not only with hairdressers but other trades as well? It makes me sad to see great trades people not sharing their skills. Their skill will die with them.

Also over the weekend we had two of our younger team members Hope and Tiana, join us for a day at Expo. It was also great to catch up with five other former Hair by Phd stylists. Isabelle who was my senior when I started in 1985 is back in the salon re-skilling. After moving away from the industry to have a family of 5 kids she has found a new found enthusiasm for hairdressing and is spending a few hours a week in the salon. It’s very inspiring to see her so excited about learning after so many years.


Julie, Mary, Michelle and Suzie all came down and had a girly weekend it was great to catch up with all the girls. I worked with most of these girls back in the late eighties and early nineties’.

I have attached some of the photos from over the weekend. Hairdressing is truly a great industry to be involved in and it is really the people that make it, from our wonderful clients to all our teammates and generally all the people involved in the industry.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.16.38 PM

If you missed out my post last week, I introduced our Cloud 9 Trade-in offer. Find out how to get $50 off a new Cloud Nine Iron. Click here for more info.

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Sarkis the Hairstylist




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Cloud Nine Styling Irons Training

Last week the team at Hair by Phd Parramatta and Carlingford underwent some styling training with the amazing Teneile Robinson. Teneile is the Creative Director for Cloud Nine Australia and this is the third time we have been lucky enough to have her do a training session with our team.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.02.39 PM

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Balayage in Sydney… and everywhere else

As a stylist you see a lot of fashions come and go. Louise and I where talking about the up coming training sessions we have for our Parramatta and Carlingford salons. Damien Rayner one of Sydney’s top colourists will again be doing some creative colour training with all our team. So Louise and I where discussing the influence that Balayage has had on our industry and whether we thought the trend was ever going to go out of fashion.


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The Dangers of DIY Hairdressing

Having a chat with some of the team at Hair by Phd and discussing how many colour corrections (fix ups) we have been doing in the salon lately. The amount of people that continue to do DIY hairdressing is nuts. Yes it’s cheap, that’s about the only real advantage. Some of you who whack a colour on at home might disagree with me, that’s ok. What I’m really talking about are the people who try to do more technically advanced colouring like bleaching hair and more complicated highlighting (DIY Balayage), is where the trouble starts.

Is it worth the saving you would make when you could potentially do some real damage not only to your hair but your skin as well? Some of the chemicals used to colour hair, if not used properly can lead damage to your hair and to serious injury to your skin. Sadly there are hairdressers out there that are not properly trained who do damage to their clients hair and skin.

At Hair by Phd we are constantly looking at all the best techniques and options to offer to our clients. We work with some of Australia’s best colourists; use the best products to offer our clients the best colour experience possible.

He is an example of a colour correction we did recently. Candice was recommended to our salon to help solve her blues. Please do not try this sort of colouring at home, this was done by trained professionals and took approximately 6 hours to complete. The result speaks for itself.

Beautiful Blonde

Beautiful Blonde




Before our makover

Before our makover

Candice had blonde hair prior to going blue. After putting blue in her hair, she decided blue wasn’t her thing. Using an Olaplex treatment before and after the colour service we where able to strip the blue and achieve a gorgeous blonde while actually improving the condition of her hair.

If you have any colour requests or colour corrections you would like to have a chat about, pop in and see one of our stylists. We would love to look after you.

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Sarkis the Hairstylist

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Olaplex – Beware of Imitations
Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 7.49.25 PM

A beautiful soft peachy pink, possible thanks to Olaplex.

As I mentioned in my August post What is Olaplex? Every now and then a product comes on the market that has a massive impact on the Hair industry. When this happens everyone wants to get on the bandwagon and get a piece of the action.

This is where imitations come into the game. Now I’m not saying that any of these imitations are no good, they can actually be just as good if not better. There are however the ones that say their product can do what the original can do but doesn’t live up to that promise.

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olaplex-3 olaplex-5 olaplex-9

Every now and then there comes a product in the hairdressing industry that really changes the industry and the way we do things as hairdressers dramatically. Some that come to mind are GHD irons, and Keratin Smoothing Treatments.

The next big thing in the hairdressing industry I think is going to be Olaplex. What is Olaplex I hear you ask? Olaplex is an additive we can put into our colour formulations or treat your hair with that allow us as hairdressers to stretch the boundaries in colouring hair. It basically allows us to colour hair as an example from very dark to very light without damaging the hair.

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